DWOS 2018 winners

From left to right: Second place winner, Jim Wilkins and choreographer Christina Troxel,
first place winner, Brenda May and choreographer Brian Reeves, third place winner
Jennifer Adams and choreographer Chris Harmon, Artistic Director Frank Sanchez and
Jeannie Malik, VP FOAL & DWOS Event Chair. Photo by Cheryl Strahl.

2019 Atascadero's Dancing with Our Stars...

FOAL will continue to partner with other non-profit organizations for the 2019 Dancing with Our Stars event.

Click here for more info and application:  PDF  or  Word Document
Or contact linda.folatascadero@yahoo.com to request application.

Applications to participate must be received by May 31. Completed applications can be emailed to linda.folatascadero@yahoo.com or mailed to: FOAL, P.O. Box 561, Atascadero, CA 93423.

2018 DWOS Sponsors...

Thank you to all of our 2018 DWOS sponsors.

2018 Atascadero's Dancing with Our Stars a Grand Success!
by Jeannie Malik

Thanks to all who collaborated in making our 9th annual Atascadero's Dancing with Our Stars, "Dancing on Broadway" an enormous success. Artistic Director Frank Sanchez knocked it out of the park again this year! The three-night event raised over $143,000 benefitting Atascadero Library plus six local non-profits. Last June the non-profits were invited to raise funds for their own causes from the highly successful Friends of the Atascadero Library DWOS fundraising platform. It was a wonderful effort making a positive difference in our community as a whole.

The participating non-profits for this year's event were - Atascadero Library, Atascadero Historical Society, Atascadero Education Foundation-The Greybots, Friends of Atascadero Lake, Quota International of Atascadero, North County Dance & Performing Arts Foundation and RISE.

Community Star Jeannie Neely, representing Atascadero Library, and paired with pro choreographer Eddie Rodriguez performed a Hip Hop and won People's Choice the first two shows. Community Star Brenda May, representing Quota International of Atascadero, and paired with pro choreographer Brian Reeves, performed a Fox Trot and won People's Choice the final show as well as the coveted championship mirrored ball trophy for raising the most overall funds totaling ~$30,000. Funds will benefit Quota's new program, starting with preschoolers and kindergartners, called: "Save Our Ears - Turn it Down". The program will educate children on the dangers of noise on everyone's ears. Fundraising proceeds will enable Quota International of Atascadero to purchase necessary materials for an effective program.

Brenda May

Community Star Brenda May, representing Quota, performing a Fox
Trot with choreographer Brian Reeves, winning People's Choice
the final show, and the championship trophy for raising the most
overall funds totaling $30,000! Photo by Cheryl Strahl.

Second place was awarded to Community Star Jim Wilkins, representing Atascadero Historical Society, and paired with pro choreographer Christina Troxel, performing a Rumba/Cha Cha. Jim raised ~$18,500 to help fund the relocation of Colony homes to the new Atascadero Colony Heritage Center.

Third place was awarded to Community Star Dancer Jennifer Adams, representing RISE, and paired with pro choreographer Chris Harmon performing an East Coast Swing/Charleston. Jennifer raised ~$17,300 to help provide vital RISE services to survivors and families in SLO County.

"Good Sport" trophy was awarded to Brenda May for assisting Director Frank Sanchez with managing the numerous costumes for the show, an important task which she accomplished in addition to her efforts as a Community Star dancer.

Rounding out the all-star cast were Giovanni Comin (North County Dance & Performing Arts Foundation), Jane Frenzel (Atascadero Library), Scott Rosenblum (Atascadero Education Foundation) and Karen Burish Wyke (Friends of Atascadero Lake).

This wonderful event exists because our dance professionals donate their time and talents: Artistic Director, Frank Sanchez and Community Star professional choreographers: Molly Comin, Christopher Ellwood, Kara Frenzel, Chris Harmon, Brian Reeves, Eddie Rodriguez, Tom Troxel and Christina Troxel. Christina also supported Frank Sanchez as Assistant to the Director.

Artistic Director Frank Sanchez created "Dancing on Broadway" as if it was a painting, beginning with a blank canvas, developing his vision, integrating music, dancers, creative ideas for costumes, etc... He choreographed several Broadway vignettes involving professional guest performers and past community stars. One of the many highlights in the show was Artistry in Motion Senior Tap Company performing "Lullaby of Broadway" with Molly Comin and Bob Woodard, owner of Artistry in Motion.

Master of Ceremonies Paso Robles Mayor Steve Martin fulfilled his duties seamlessly with class, charm, and unmatched wit. Steve is onboard for next year along with many of the amazing crew that bring the show to life.

The DWOS committee is 100% volunteer based. This event is made possible with the dedicated support of these individuals. Special thanks to Leigh Livick for handling Eventbrite ticket sales and guest registration at the event, Shirley Summers and Carol Gobler for organizing a group of 60+ community volunteers to assist with each evening performance, Carol Collins - treasurer, Grenda Ernst for scripting the dancer publicity articles and creating over 800 vote ballots, Liz Helgerson - managing vote recording and Yvonne Campbell for her time and talents transforming the Pavilion on the Lake with her decor skills. Thank you Susan Poteet for handling our huge inventory of linens and for custom folding napkins for the dinner shows. Thank you to Jeanne and Carl Robbins for coordinating cleanup efforts after the shows. Special kudos to Tom Thompson for managing our DWOS website and Linda Zirk for the successful organization of the popular silent auction held all three nights. Linda and her mini, but mighty team, gathered and displayed over 100 auction items donated from local businesses. Special thanks to Mary Kay Mills, Brenda May and Frank Sanchez who created and coordinated several dancer costumes worn for the vignettes. Thanks to Brian Reeves for his many hours professionally editing music for the show. Kudos to technical coordinator Ryan Flores, lighting operator Scott Sebby, stage manager John Webster and our new DJ Joy Bonner!! Special applause for professional photographer Cheryl Strahl who took hundreds of fabulous photos at the event. The photos shared on this site are compliments of Cheryl! Also, many thanks to Christina Bearce, owner of Highlight Media. Christina is creating a professional DVD of the show as a memorable keepsake. DVDs are $20., checks are made payable to F.O.A.L. Please contact Jeannie Malik at DWOSEventChair@gmail.com if you're interested in ordering a DVD.

One of the most popular event additions this year were theatre drapes accenting the raised stage and custom constructed wood dance floor. Special thanks to Jim Patterson and Atascadero Kiwanis crew who transported the stage and built the dance floor the week prior to the event and disassembled it post event. Kiwanis Rocks!!

We are grateful to our 53 event sponsors, especially Opolo Vineyards for providing all the wine at every show. Thank you Opolo attendants Anne and Lisa for pouring wine, and always with a smile. And, thanks to George Peterson, we had plenty of beer every evening from Central Coast Brewing!

Thanks to Frank Sanchez, "Dancing on Broadway" was the best production yet, increasing the momentum for DWOS in the future!

Please mark your calendars for next year's event. March 21, 22, 23, 2019.

Interested in applying to participate in 2019 DWOS? If your organization is a North County non -profit 501 (c) 3, feel free to apply! The 2019 application will be available online May 1st at www.AtascaderoDWOS.org. The completed application must be received no later than May 31, 2018. Organizations will be notified by July 1st.

Thank you for your continued support!
Jeannie Malik
DWOS Producer with Friends of the Atascadero Library
VP Friends of the Atascadero Library Board