Karen Burish Wyke & Tom Troxel

Representing:    Friends of Atascadero Lake

Choreographer:   Tom Troxel
Dance style:   Argentine Tango

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Karen Burish Wyke Dances for Friends of Atascadero Lake
Article by Grenda Ernst

Karen Burish Wyke loves to dance, which makes her a natural as the Community Star representing the Friends of Atascadero Lake in the 2018 edition of Dancing with Our Stars. She shares that she began taking salsa lessons at Cal Poly in 2001 and continues taking lessons to this day. While ballroom dancing at the Madonna Inn, she met the man who was to become her husband. She is not only a dancer but a yoga instructor and conducts yoga classes at the Lake Park Pavilion in Atascadero. Her classes are geared to making yoga Accessible to All. It seems only logical that this fit, athletic woman cites hiking, swimming and horse back riding among her leisure activities.

Karen grew up in Wisconsin and moved to California at the age of 21. After her marriage, she moved to Atascadero in 2006. She was interested in establishing herself in a small town and fell in love with the Central Coast. "The best decision ever" she declares. She and her husband are currently in the process of creating a Sacred Garden space in their backyard.

Her love of the outdoors and her appreciation for Atascadero Lake led Karen to become involved with the Friends of Atascadero Lake. She explains that she is "proud of the amazing efforts of this small group of people to keep our lake healthy and full." She continues that she is thrilled to be chosen as a Community Star for her group and is excited to be learning the tango and to be part of DWOS. Her final comment: Atascadero is an amazing community!

Karen's dancing partner and choreographer is Tom Troxel, a versatile and enthusiastic dancer, who has played important roles in DWOS for the last five years, as partner to Community Stars, and as a dancer and actor in production numbers. Tom and his wife Christina, another long-time DWOS choreographer, teach swing and ballroom dancing at the Agricultural Hall in Atascadero and they dance together as a couple as often as they can.