Molly & Giovanni Comin

Representing:    North County Dance Performing Arts Foundation

Choreographer:   Molly Comin
Dance style:   Night Club Two Step

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Giovanni & Molly Comin Raise Funds for Mercer-Sanchez Scholarship Fund
Article by Grenda Ernst

Giovanni Comin looks like a football coach, a role he played with the Atascadero Youth Football League for many years. When he is on the stage, it is apparent that he is also a dancer. Giovanni is representing the North County Dance and Performing Arts Foundation (NCDPAF) in his third (third!) appearance as a DWOS Community Star.

Giovanni is a Native Californian who has lived on the Central Coast since his teen years. He is President of Central Coast Seafood and Senior Vice President of Santa Monica Seafood, purveyors throughout California of locally caught, and imported, seafood. He and his wife Molly have two children, both graduates of Atascadero High School. During his coaching years, Giovanni fostered strength of character and physical fitness in many of Atascadero's young men., creating a legacy of productiveness and positive thinking.

His dancing career began abruptly when Molly, a highly regarded dance instructor, asked him to join her as an uncle and aunt in the family scene in the annual NCDPAF production of the Nutcracker Ballet. He commented afterward to Molly, "The next time I dance in front of a crowd, I better have lessons first." They signed up for ballroom lessons with Linda Drake of SloDance and eventually discovered a mutual love for West Coast Swing. And the rest is history, with Gio and Molly dancing whenever the music is right.

In addition to her Community Star appearances, Molly has performed in many of the DWOS program pieces, under the direction of Frank Sanchez. She will be remembered for her show stopping flamenco dance in 2017 and her Mexican folk dance in 2016, among others. Molly is a Tap Dance Instructor, the Founder of the Paso Robles Tap Jam Community, a Board Member of Rhapsody in Taps and Director of the Mercer-Sanchez Scholarship Fund. She and Gio are raising funds for the Mercer-Sanchez Scholarship, which supports talented young boys who dream of a career in the performing arts through tuition at Class Act Dance Studio.