Frank tango
Frank Sanchez

Written and Directed by Frank Sanchez

Article by Dan O'Grady

The Central Coast, and Atascadero in particular, is blessed with more than its share of artistic talent. Our very own Frank Sanchez stands out as an exceptionally creative director, choreographer, and dancer. As director and choreographer of several Atascadero "Dancing With Our Stars" (DWOS) shows, Frank's efforts have wowed Atascadero audiences.

2018's "Dancing on Broadway" promises to top even his three previous outstanding shows. Frank states, "Our lives have been enriched by the musicals that have originated on the Broadway stage. Musical theatre has entertained us with unforgettable stories told in story form set to songs and dances. We will make an effort to bring some of these recognizable musical moments to life." This task involves selecting and coordinating music with dozens of dancers showcasing a wide range of dance styles.

For 2013's DWOS, my wife Eileen and I had the pleasure of working with Frank who choreographed and taught us a fast-paced, 3-minute salsa routine that challenged this non-dancer's two left feet as well as his stamina. Not knowing exactly what I was getting into, and lulled by Frank's benign grin and patient instructions, I gradually realized I had bitten off more than I could chew. But with Frank's expert guidance which included many pleasant, but firm, "you can do it's," we did it!

Frank's parents, who emigrated from Mexico in 1916, initiated the chain of events that brought us Frank. Born in Los Angeles, the 9th of 11 children, Frank cultivated his talents initially within his musically talented family. While stationed at the Presidio of San Francisco during his service in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict, he trained as an instructor in ballroom dance after his daytime duty. Moving to Atascadero in 1959, he helped form the Pioneer Players, a community theatre group that produced Broadway musicals. In 1972, Frank was named Atascadero's "Citizen of the Month" a precursor to the current "Citizen of the Year." In 1988, he was honored as "Realtor of the Year." In 2016, he was bestowed the honor of "Atascadero King of Colony Days". These days, Frank is focusing his efforts on DWOS to help make Atascadero a better place in which to live. A "Show Stopper" indeed, that's Frank Sanchez!